CPC International

International Certificate of Professional Competence (Road Haulage)


Why do I need a CPC?

The operator of heavy goods vehicles used for hire or reward purposes must hold an Operator’s Licence unless there is an approved exemption in place. An applicant wishing to obtain a Standard International Operator’s Licence must be recognised as being professionally competent by the Traffic Commissioner in whose area they wish to operate. In order to comply with this EU regulation, either the applicant or their nominated transport manager must obtain a Certificate of Professional Competence awarded by examination through the OCR Examinations Board. Prior to December 2011 there were separate qualifications for each of the National and International areas of Professional Competence.

When are the CPC Examinations held?

The OCR holds four examinations each year – in March, June, September and December. Examinations are held at the same time nationwide, and the results are published by the OCR approximately 6 weeks after the examination date.

What are the entry requirements?

There are no previous qualifications required for entry to the OCR examinations, no prior knowledge of the haulage industry is necessary, and there are no upper or lower age limits. Our youngest successful candidate so far was 14 years of age and the oldest 64!

Our lecturers have been involved in adult education for many years, and are particularly skilled in dealing with students of all ages. Don’t worry if it has been several years since you sat behind a desk at school – you won’t be the only one!

Changes after 2011

In accordance with EU Regulation 1071/2009 the current National and International Certificates of Professional Competence in Road Haulage Operations are merged into a single qualification from 4th December 2011.

Candidates who have passed only one or two parts of the previous three-part National examinations (Units 1, 2 and 4) by the end of 2011 are sadly unable to carry any of these over to the new qualification, and will have to sit a new examination which incorporates both the National and International aspects of the syllabus.

The revised examinations are in two parts:

One examination consisting of 60 multiple choice questions on both national and international elements, the time allowed is two hours. A score of at least 70% is required to pass.

One written, extended answer, case study examination consisting of between 5 and 8 questions based on a scenario issued at the start of the examination, the time allowed is two hours and 15 minutes, 60 marks are available; a score of at least 50% is required to pass.

The case study paper will be ‘open book’; candidates will be allowed to take any notes or texts of their choice into the examination room with them.

The following syllabus areas will be tested in every case study paper:

  1. Driver’s hours, working time and records
  2. Operational costings
  3. Operator licensing

Anyone therefore not holding their full National Road Haulage Certificate of Professional Competence qualification at the end of 2011 will unfortunately have to start the examination route again by refreshing their National CPC knowledge and studying for the International aspects of Road Haulage on one of our dedicated courses.